3gs screen not working, computer not recognizing

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    Jul 6, 2011
    my iphone got a little wet a few weeks ago. when i mean a little, i mean "Maybe" a few drops got into the phone through the connector and a couple of drops on the screen. it was in no way submerged or anything like that.
    anyway... i connected it to the charger (I know... but i didn't really think it was wet inside). it started acting weird like if i was touching the screen, but i wasn't and it kept saying that the device (charger) is not compatible with iphone. i tried my two charger cables that i have always used before. so.... eventually the battery died and phone would not power on.
    i bought a replacement battery and installed it. it powers on, but the screen does not respond. not even the slide bar to unlock the phone.
    i connected it to the computer and the computer does not recognize it at all in either itunes or windows explorer.
    is my motherboard shot? my main concern is to try and get my photos and contacts from the phone. if i can do that, i'll be happy and i will just buy a new phone.

    also... when i was replacing the battery, i noticed that the ribbon that connects the motherboard to what i think is the power is torn/cut about halfway. not sure if it was always like that. this is not ribbons 4,5,6, or 7 but the ribbon that connects under the motherboard to the little box under power button. it does not have a number from what i can tell. thanks
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    Jul 6, 2011
    from the lack of any response to my post, should i assume that my iphone is just gone?
    it's hard to believe because it turns on.

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