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    So my 3GS screen was cracked, but everything still works fine (ignoring the glass shards in my fingers). If it works is it a good chance I just need to replace the glass no the LCD? If so will ordering the glass+digitiser allow me to skip the step of scraping out the broken glass? And again if my assumptions are correct does anyone know sites with good options for digitiser and glass?
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    eBay my friend.

    I replaced my Glass Digitizer for around about $13AU, and it came with all the tools necessary for the replacement.

    Much worth doing it on your own considering how easy it is as opposed taking it to a shop where you get charged over $100 or in some cases around $200.

    The only problem is, I can't indulge in my fresh screen because my iPhone is pretty much dead now! :(
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    If you can see all your icons, etc then your LCD is fine.

    If you want to make the repair really easy, I'd recommend finding a half front assembly. It's much easier to do if you've never done a glass repair before. Basically you'll get everything but the LCD and it's usually only about $10 more than the digitizer itself. That way you'll only have to swap the LCD and not worry about using a heat gun to remove the old glass, etc.
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    I took my 3G to an Apple store in UK.The screen was totally shot with just a white light behind and wouldn,t switch off.They replaced the screen and charged me £79 total with a 3 month warranty.All is back to normal and working fine now:)

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    You want to order the digitiser plus frame from eBay. That will save you picking the glass out.

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