3GS stuck in DFU mode (black screen)

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  1. akhater macrumors newbie

    Apr 11, 2011
    I have a 3Gs stuck in DFU mode it is running 4.3 and won't turn on,

    I have SHSH of 4.1

    When I try to

    . Restore to 4.3.1 or 4.3 I get error 1602
    . Restore to 4.3.1 or 4.3 with TinyUmbrella I get error 1601
    . Downgrade to 4.1 with TinyUmbrella error 28

    I am totally stuck if anyone can help, I don't care if it is JB or not I just want it to boot
  2. machasm, May 12, 2011
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    machasm macrumors member

    Dec 21, 2010
    Got exactly the same issue here.
    I can put it into DFU mode using either redsnow or Ireb.
    If I try to restore any IPSW including custom ones then itunes goes all through the motions until it times out with error 1601.
    I can hear the machine chime once but crucially it is missing the final chime before timing out.
    running TU and viewing the log shows that the single chime is when the DFU device is disconnected. It never reconnects and thus the restore fails.
    Just to say that my upgrade path cam from 4.3.2 with 6.15 BB using snowbreeze and to 4.3.3 using pwnagetool. After that final restore is when the problems began.
    I had a black screen but was able to run redsnow just boot tethered option to get it to boot ok. Which it did until the device went to sleep. Since then nothing.
    Still got some warranty left on the device so will be swapping it out tomorrow but am very wary of doing the whole thing all over again.
    Any way to get this thing to come back to life?
  3. machasm macrumors member

    Dec 21, 2010
    Couldn't resolve this one but found I still had 81 days warranty left so took it back to an Apple store.
    They replaced it and activated the new one with my current Sim so I don't need the unlock anymore.
    Got home and updated to 4.3.3 (The new phone was at 4.3.1).
    Ran redsnow and everything went fine.
    Even better is that I have my GPS functionality back since I don't need the 6.15 BB anymore.
    Still very apprehensive about running any future JBs since this is the second 3Gs I've screwed doing this and I don't think Apple will want to swap a 3rd unit out!
  4. schludaddy macrumors newbie

    May 13, 2011
  5. kalewinnipeg macrumors newbie

    May 5, 2011
    very similar issue with the phone i have....seems the only solutions is to me is to replace the logic board...now where can i get one of those?

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