3gs unlock void warranty?

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    Feb 16, 2011
    hey all, im new to this forum so go easy on me... :p

    i am recently laid off and now i am looking for ways to make money with apple products. Been buying broken ipods and repairing them for a profit. Lately someone sold me their full functioning 3gs iphone for dirt cheap, only issue is a cracked digitizer. I was going to replace the digitizer when i realized that it was covered under apple care warranty until 2012! i figured i would sell it on ebay with a cracked digitizer as the warranty would probably increase its value...

    i did some research on macrumor and saw someone saying that jailbroken and unlocking iphones increases the value of the iphone on ebay....what i am wondering now is, if i were to jailbreak and unlock the iphone does it void the apple care warranty that it comes with? if so, is it worth jailbreaking/unlocking or is it more valuable to have the warranty?

    thanks for any help you guys can offer. i know nothing about jailbreaking and unlocking so this is new territory for me. im just trying to maximize my profits as im going through some rough time trying to find jobs/make money.
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    There are couple of scenarios you are looking at;

    1. If the 3GS you have on hand has a baseband below 05.14, you can jailbreak/unlocked and sell it with higher value. Once there is a problem, the new owner can restore it with Itunes and bring it into Apple store. They will not know that it has been jailbreak/unlocked previously.

    2. If the 3GS you have on hand has a baseband of 05.14 or higher, then you can jailbreak it, but can't unlock because Ultrasn0w will not work for this baseband. So, in order for you to unlock it, you need to install a Ipad baseband which is 06.15. This is where the problem come because once the Ipad baseband is installed, you can not go back and if there is any problem. Apple knows that it has been hack because of this baseband and therefore, warranty is void.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    User damage = no warrenty.

    Product under warranty but user didn't fix = likely stolen. The person probably found it on the street.
  4. xm4cbethx thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2011
    I know the previous owner of the iphone and i was there when she originally bought it. i called apple care warranty and the said it does not cover cracked screens due to accidental damage. she did not want to cough up the money to get it fixed since she was buying the verizon 4g anyway. and i do not want to replace it myself because i do not want to void the warranty.

    @Crystal-RX thanks for the reply, i think it helped me with my decision. unfortunately it has a modem firmware of 05.15.04 so i do not think i am going to try jailbreaking it and risk screwing it up. I think the extended warranty is also a selling point and do not want to void the warranty. I'll leave that up to the buyer if they want to jailbreak it or not. thanks again for your help.

    anyone else want to jump in with some ideas or thoughts, feel free! thanks all.

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