3rd battery since feb

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by poetassium, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. poetassium macrumors newbie

    Jan 31, 2007
    I am on my 3rd battery since Feb. I am on 95% and 11 cycles. My last battery was 80% and 110 charges. I thought apple had a lemon rule, three replacements and you get a new one? So will I be getting a new laptop, if I have to have this battery replaced? Is the battery problem also in the new SR MBPs?
  2. aquajet macrumors 68020

    Feb 12, 2005
    Doubtful. The battery is an external component. It's not as if they've had to disassemble the MBP.

    Is there something wrong with your current battery? 95% is actually pretty good.
  3. klymr macrumors 65816

    May 16, 2007
    Yeah, I should have mentioned, you should drain it all the way and then charge it back up. When I've done that the health jumps back up. Good luck!
  4. Britanium macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    I'm @ 80% after 180 cycles... do I get a new battery? :D

    (I thought this was "normal", but if I start hearing about others getting their batteries replaced... I want in!!!)

    Why exactly are you getting your batteries replaced?

    EDIT: Here's my info

    Battery Installed: Yes
    First low level warning: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4415
    Remaining Capacity (mAh): 4391
    Amperage (mA): -133
    Voltage (mV): 12339
    Cycle Count: 180

    So - can I just call up applecare now?
  5. klymr macrumors 65816

    May 16, 2007
    I'm not sure what boat the OP is in, but I got mine replaced because it was only lasting about an hour even though it said the health was close to 100% (can't remember exactly what it was). I was at less than 30 cycles too. I might be getting a third battery also because of this problem here:


    It's getting frustrating.
  6. poetassium thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 31, 2007
    if you are less than 80% and 300 cycles then yes you will get a new battery. you can find this under support and mbp bat replacement program.
  7. poetassium thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 31, 2007
    under the agreement for the apple care the battery is not even covered unless it is found defective. Well as you and me know the batteries for teh mbp have been found to be defective so they are replacing them for 2 years, so for me untill feb 2009.
  8. plinden macrumors 68040


    Apr 8, 2004
    My wife's MacBook charged to 25% after 35 charges. So that was definitely defective. After that, 80% at 110 charges sounds pretty good.

    Where does it say 80% after 300 charges is the cut off point? All I see is:

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