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    Seeing as how the 3rd gen iPod shuffle’s are less than $30 on eBay I’m wondering what are some of the downsides if I was to order a 3rd gen iPod shuffle. Does voiceover require internet? I’m guessing not and if so it’s really cool that I can control all my music so long as the songs have track names and band name info; which obviously 90% of my music library does.

    The 3rd Gen iPod shuffle seems like a fun little device to use when jogging at the gym or maybe even having plugged into speakers but I’m guessing those speakers would need a microphone output to then be able to control music.

    Is this how the 3rd gen iPod shuffle works? Or would it be much more cumbersome to purchase one in late 2018?
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    There used to be some inline switches but every link I chased led to a dead end—all reports were that the reliability was horrible.

    The only way I know to access all the features of a 3rd gen Shuffle is with the correct ear buds for this iPod. Generic and later Apple ‘buds aren’t as loud with these and can’t control all the features. My 4th gen Apple earbuds are not completely backwards compatible, for example.

    There is a Chinese company on eBay selling the correct earbuds that control these properly. Clicking the right spots enables voice-over and controls the volume. I bought some a couple of months ago for my 2G and 4G. If they’re not the OE, they’re damned good copies and sound as good (and as loud) as the originals. I’ll see if I can find the link.

    I use these with my PA systems when on break. I use Velcro to stick them onto a blank spot on the panel. Set ‘em on shuffle and let them play. My PAs have a 1/8” TRS for this purpose.
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    I recently got myself one of these to add to my collection.

    @mikehalloran is correct in how they work: The 3rd gen iPod shuffle has no physical buttons on it aside from power on/shuffle/play in order switch. There is no microphone used.

    You can either control the music and volume from the old Apple earbuds (NOT current EarPods) (or equivalent remote control headphones) or let it play in auto-play mode when you hook up speakers or headphones that don't have the remote control on them. When you do this, I'm under the impression it sets the volume to 50% and just starts playing. I've used this mode with a set of desk speakers that have volume control on them, so I can control the volume (but not the song playing).

    It's a quirky iPod, but if you're able to make it work, they're really small! If you're just looking for a cheap iPod shuffle, go with a 4th generation. They have all the same features, but have physical buttons, and these work with the current EarPods as well. The 4th gens have multiple different colors to pick from too.

    Let us know what you do either way!
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