3rd Generation iPod Battery

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ILoveiBooks, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. ILoveiBooks macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Well I have a 3rd Generation iPod, and it's battery only lasts for about 2-3 hours. I assume i'll have to send it in and get a new battery. I wanted to buy a new iPod, but I can't do that right now.

    But to the point: If I send my iPod in for a new battery, what will come back? Will I have the same iPod, with a new battery? Or will I get a refurbished iPod. And if it is refurbished, will it be a 3rd generation or a 4th generation? I assume they don't have any 3rd generation iPods anymore.
  2. Johnny Rico macrumors 6502

    Feb 17, 2005
    They still have 3rd gens.. I sent mine back via applecare a couple of weeks ago for this. It went out on tuesday and was back thursday. I got what I assume was a refurb, and the battery life is good.

    I don't know about out of warranty repairs though if thats the case. For less money than the apple repair you can do it yourself with a battery from http://www.ipodjuice.com for example and you don't have to send your ipod off.

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