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3rd party display similar to Apple's LED displays?


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Dec 5, 2008
Brockton, MA
I'm thinking of getting ready to replace my Apple 20" aluminum Cinema Display, and go with a new main monitor that supports high-definition, including HDCP. The question is though, since Apple's currently not making their own standalone displays anymore, and there's such a wide variety from third-party manufacturers on the market, which one should I go with?

Regarding size, I hope to get a screen that's at least around 20-25"; I don't need anything TOO big. It would also be helpful if it supported HDMI or maybe even MiniDisplay, though DVI would be fine. I'd also like to get such a display that has USB ports and a build-in HD webcam, and maybe even speakers. I don't want to spend TOO much, maybe a couple hundred dollars on this display.
Can anyone recommend me something like this?


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Feb 20, 2009
Fearless prediction:
If Apple releases a new display this year, it's going to cost upwards of $1,500.
Probably $2,000 or more.


Feb 9, 2008
For a while you could buy a Dell Ultrasharp monitor that uses the same panels as the Apple displays and came with antiglare coatings instead the glossy finish of Apple displays. I've had an assortment of 24", 27", and 30" monitors all from Dell that were as good if not better than the Apple displays at the time. And no they weren't that much cheaper either and I used (and still own) several 24" and 27" Cinema [and in the later years Thunderbolt) displays.

Right now the only display for my Mac Pro is a Dell UP2715K which they don't make anymore unfortunately. Anti-reflective glass front, solid build with USB 3.0 hub and SD card reader built-in. Had perfectly good speakers for occasional use, though I have standalone stereo speakers. Uses dual miniDP to do 5K which isn't that great, but works great on my Mac Pro. I've owned it for about four years now and work perfectly to this day.

Dell even back when their computers were kind of crap always made great displays. Well before the days IPS was mainstream, Dell used top of the IPS panels in a number of the monitors. And their warranty is excellent. The two three times I've use their warranty, they overnighted me a new (or well refurbished) monitor first so I had minimal downtime.

In college I got a Dell U3008 (2560x1600 30") that I used for six years that I never turned it off once.

The display I almost bought, but didn't is the Dell 32" 8K; honestly I'm not sure it's compatible with my Mac Pro is the only reason I never bought it.
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