3rd Party plugins to restore spaces functionality?


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Sep 11, 2008
I was writing in a thread ages ago where several of us (and I suspect many others) saw that the crippling of the features in spaces would really effect our workflow. Someone suggested in time 3rd party software may plug the gap.

Are there any 3rd party programs yet that restore any of the Snow Leopard spaces functionality like being able to use expose on all spaces at once and drag an item directly from space to space etc ?

(I'm still using Snow Leopard but my work laptop will be changed for the latest one when Ivy Bridge comes out, and I'll end up with Lion. I don't think re-installing Snow Leopard will be possible).

Steve's Barber

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Jul 5, 2011
No 3rd party Mission Control replacement that I know of. Which is strange as this is undoubtably the most sought after "feature" replacement people have been clamoring for since Lion's release. I guess the big bucks are still in fart apps.

Other than keeping one extra desktop for my virtual drives I've since learned to simply ignore this multiple desktop nonsense and run everything in one space. I don't even use full screen apps anymore because they "fly off" into their own universe up top somewhere. I've also set my preferences to minimize widows to the dock otherwise who the hell knows where they go to...

So basically, my solution was to pretty much give up. If not for iCloud I'd be back to SL.


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Dec 27, 2002
have you heard of updates on possible solutions to the missing expose features, or grid based spaces replacement?
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