3rd party ram tips?


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Sep 22, 2007
i have a 2.8 imac with 1gb ram. . .i use photoshop,etc., and i'm well aware that the only thing holding back the speed of my computer is how much ram i have. i'm going to max it out at 4gigs. apple's ram is ridiculously expensive, so before i even bought the computer i decided to upgrade the ram through 3rd party. any tips on 3rd party ram? i can get 4 gigs (2x2gb) for around $170 online, but i'm just wondering which brands were the best, or if it really makes a difference.


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Mar 22, 2004
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The dealer is probably more important than the brand, since defective RAM is relatively common and the ease of replacement/quality of service is the most likely issue you will run into. Newegg.com and macsales.com seem to be popular with many MR members. I also had good experiences with Omni Technologies Optival (although others have not) and 18004memory.com.

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