3rd party refresh button ?

John Costello

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Sep 21, 2019
Hello all,
I had been using macOS Mojave along with a third party refresh button over on the left (right next to the 'go back' and 'go forward' buttons) in Safari for quite some time.

The latest 'upgrade' / bug fix to Mojave appeared advertised on screen on 20th Sept. so I did the upgrade. The Mojave I have now is 10.14.6

On opening Safari I noticed that several extensions no longer work, including the third party refresh button.

So I now have the 'go forward' / 'go back' buttons on the left end of the screen and the tiny refresh icon inside the right of the URL search box almost at the other end of the screen (file attached).

Going back and forth between them is irritating. I phoned Apple support but they could not advise me on how to get a proper refresh button that I can position on the toolbar.

Does anyone know of a third party refresh button ?

I am thinking that whoever produced the original 3rd party refresh button might produce another for this version (10.14.6), but who knows when?

There is 'cmd+R' but I would much rather have a proper refresh button.