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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Expelliarmus, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Yeah, I know that some of you, when noticed this 'new' thread thought - 'Seriously? Not again!' And I know it's been asked before, more than plenty of times but any of threads didn't really answered question especially about 3rd party insurers. Everyone suggested this and that but no-one really shared their opinions and stories. I couldn't find any definite answer whether they're reliable or not. Has anyone had successful or unsuccessful claim? The Compare Supermarket suggests these three:




    So what I'm asking is would it be 'safe' to get my iPhone insured with one of these companies? I'm a student so I don't want to pay extra for my bank account which is now free and I don't want to start paying any interest on my overdraft, so upgrade to silver (Lloyds TSB) account is out of question.
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    Can't say I've had any experience with those companies, best to read all their policies to compare eg what excess per claim, how many claims can be made, exclusions etc

    I just took a quick look at the betterbuy one, seems cheap but there's a exclusion clause that says

    5. Costs which exceed the Insurers maximum liability of a replacement value of £400 including VAT in the event of a successful claim.

    and further info in the faq...

    In the event of a successful claim your mobile phone will be replaced with the same make and model, however, where the model is no longer in production or is not available, it will be replaced with a phone of a specification at least equal to the item insured. The replacement value of your handset shall not exceed the maximum liability as stated in your Certificate of Insurance and any costs in excess of this amount will be collected by you at the time of authorisation by credit/debit card.

    The way I read that is they will only pay out up to £400 (after your excess), so you'll have to stump up the rest if you've got a 32Gb iphone 4 (£599).
    I could be wrong though!
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    seriously, phone insurance is pointless. If anything happens just claim on your contents insurance, your premium will only increase by a few quid a year.

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