3volution 'END OF THE WORLD' update and new gameplay trailer released

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    Hi, there!

    3volution V1.1 is officially out and features many new changes that make this award winning game even more satisfying, addictive & challenging.


    A new version of eye catching, mind-dazzling, surprisingly addictive and challenging game 3volution is released. Whether to get some excitement while waiting for the End of the World or a boost for a fresh start in the Real World your readers could challenge themselves to earn a Gazillion points in 3volution, which offers a unique game experience on iPhone or iPad. Just get one of your three little Helpers to cross the line made between the other two in time. Tossing Helpers: Nunstuck, Git & Slotermeyer takes a player through a myriad of intriguing situations and plots.


    Does it sounds promising?

    More info about 3volution can be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q7CCFRKTTk4 and iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3volution/id512684211.

    3volution has 5 stars in App Store ratings, received Netko 2012 Award for excellence in mobile apps by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was reviewed in many important gaming sites:

    148Apps ★ "Want a simple to learn but difficult to master iOS game that's perfect for short bursts of play and lengthy sessions? 3volution is it. No, really, this is it. Stop looking."

    AppSpy.com ★ "Surprisingly addictive. Combines high score gameplay with a sense of level progression."

    The iPhone App Review ★ "3volution is worth every penny. It's a brilliant new arcade game. The gameplay is fresh, exciting, and rejuvenating. It's also complex, rich and engaging, which means you'll easily spend hours upon hours playing it."

    TopTenREVIEWS ★ "3volution will grab your attention quickly, keep you entertained and serve as an effective time killer."

    Appsmenow ★ "This game is chock-a-block full of originality and polish!"

    New version promises even more polished gameplay, dazzling graphics and new player mode, with new tutorial of our unique, simple & intuitive gameplay in 3 simple moves: You-There-Go™!

    Best wishes,

    3volution team

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    Facebook - www.facebook.com/3volutiongame
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