4.3.3 or 4.3.1

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  1. rana.avneet macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2011
    hey guys i just got a new iphone 4..
    my phone is on 4.3.1(8g4)

    1. what does the thing in brackets --(8g4) mean?
    2. i want to jailbreak my phone so should i update to 4.3.3 and then jailbreak or jailbreak 4.3.1 cos ive heard 4.3.3 has battery drainage issues cos redsn0w said that the new version MIGHT fix battery drainage issues but has it realy fixed?
    3.my phone is factory unlocked so does baseband gets updates if i upgrade to 4.3.3?
    4.will i still be able to be on any carrier if my baseband gets updated cos my phone is factory unlocked?
  2. lapocompris macrumors regular

    Jun 26, 2009
    3 & 4) if your iphone is genuinely (officially) factory unlocked, it's unlocked for life, baseband update will not affect it, why would you want to prevent baseband update?

    2) I believe it's the other way around: 4.3.1 had short battery life, Apple fixed it with 4.3.2 (4.3.3 is just a variant of 4.3.2).

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