4.4.4 not available, HDMI?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by satinsilverem2, Jan 29, 2019.

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    I have an Apple TV 4K going to a Sony X800D in between the two is a Yamaha RX381 AVR. Ever since i got the Apple TV I’ve only been able to get up to chroma 4.2.2. I know the TV supports 4.4.4 and so does the AVR but the option is not available to me. I’m starting to wonder if its the HDMI cable thats preventing me. The one between the AVR and the TV is an Amazon Basics cable that is certified and has reviews saying that it supports 4.4.4. The cable between the Apple TV and the AVR is the OG black Apple HDMI cable that i bought with my original Apple TV 2nd gen years ago. I’m starting to think that its that cable that is the weak link. I’ve looked online and cant find out if the apple cable is high speed certified or not. The cable works fine doing 4.2.2 4K HDR but not 4K HDR at 4.4.4. I know that 4.4.4 has a negligible difference but seeing as all my devices support it why not have the best i can get. Any suggestions or thoughts. Ive been temped to just buy two of the Belkin cables that apple sells and just see if that fixes it but i want to be sure they work first.
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    Connect the atv directly to the tv using both cables to see of you get 4:4:4 with either cable.

    I'm using an Amazon Basics Cable between the atv and avr and a generic 4k cable between avr and tv. I can set 4:4:4 on my atv.
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    All the movies are 4:2:0, so 4:4:4 will only improve image quality, but not video quality.

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