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Apr 20, 2016
La Jolla, CA
BREAKING NEWS: 4:30 PM (La Jolla, CA-time) Sunday, June 23rd

FYI, we are now publicly predicting that Apple will Release a fourth iPhone by year's end, one that we refer to as the iPhone LS, where LS = "Legacy Sport".

We make this Prediction based-upon our Analysis of the Apple vs. Samsung OLED (units) dispute, that hit the Mainstream Wires just a few days ago.

We call it Legacy Sport because we believe it needs to include a Bottom Bezel, with a Hardware Home Button & TouchID for it to sell well.

And, because of the A11/A12 Performance Controller Bug(s) that we first discovered on October 27th of last year, we believe it ALSO needs to include a "true" 4 GB of DRAM for it to sell well !

Too many NON-Techies are going to soon become Very Educated about the Importance of DRAM, for Apple to continue to try to sell DRAM-limited iPhones (e.g., the iPhone XR).

If Apple prices it at $649 USD, we believe it will sell extremely well, and will very-likely have people talking once again about Peak iPhone, & NOT in the past tense !

We believe a 4.8" OLED display would be an almost perfect fit for the existing 4.7" LCD display chassis (i.e., the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, & 8).

From a Software Development Perspective, it MUST support a 3x points-to-resolution scale factor, so that existing iPhone 7+ & 8+ apps could run (mostly) "as is".

Can you say Fast Tracked Project ?

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Jul 12, 2016
There’s a lot of non-factual information from the OP that will never be a reality from Apple.
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