4 Features for iOS 7, that really work


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Dec 16, 2011
1: Multiple User Accounts
Many families have iPads. I'm even convincing my mom to buy one because there's literally just one thing she can't do on an iPad that her aging computer (that's really bad) can do, and everything else she uses a computer for, an iPad can do just as good, if not better. The family usage of an iPad goes from beyond that too, but what if Mom has her stuff, Dad has his stuff, and the kids have their stuff on it? It's becomes a mess with mixed up music, photos, and constant signing in and out of apps. Multiple users has been on computer for ages and recently hit Android. With the popularity of the iPad (and to an extent the iPod touch could benefit from this), multiple users is a must.

2: Better Multitasking UI (Auxo)
Auxo is one of the best jailbreak tweaks around, and the sole reason I jailbroke my 4S. I can't jailbreak to install it on my 5 sadly (since my 5 came with iOS 6.1.4), but I've seen Auxo on the iPhone 5, and it's even more beautiful. The best part about Auxo was the gestures though. Rather than hold down for apps to wiggle, it was a simple swipe in either direction. swipe left to get to in-depth music controls (better than the ones already there), including the ability to see a popup of beautiful HD album artwork. Swipe once more to reach a toggles page that was customizable. Integrate it!

3: Better Notifications
Time to take a page out of Android. Android handles notifications amazingly. When you take a screenshot it gives you the instant option to share. Not only that, integrate features like a "call back button" or a "quick reply" button. Also, completely rework how notifications appear on an iPad. It looks like they just copied and pasted from the phone. Notifications should function like they do in OS X on the iPad, with notification center on the side of the device, with notifications also appearing on the side.

4: Data management utilities
We no longer live in an unlimited data world. Most carriers with the iPhone now require either shared data or tiered data. Work with carriers to integrate data allowance features or data tracking features, including toggles to manage data. It would be a huge plus for data savers.



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Oct 6, 2008
I am really hoping for multiple user accounts on iPad as well as the corner notifications. I think they just centered them since they made the pulldown centered.

Also an improved multitasking UI would be nice - maybe with a software gesture for the iPhone (Swipe up from bottom and hold for a second, maybe?) I use multitasking way more on my iPad only because I can use the four finger swipe.


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Oct 3, 2012
New Jersey
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could lock your apps? Like entering a passcode so when your phone unlocks your texts will be blank and photos blank too? But re-entering the code unhides everything.