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    Hey folks,

    My wife and I each have the iPhone 3G and 4 months left in our contract. We are considering just going for the iPhone 4 now, rather than waiting. I'm just looking for advice on whether to buy now or to hold out and buy later.

    It might be a dumb question though. Are there any benefits to holding off and buying later?

  2. deeddawg macrumors 604

    Jun 14, 2010
    You don't say whether you're in the US, so if you're not then the below may not apply.

    Two key questions:

    (1) Are you happy enough with your iphones that you're not considering other options such as the Android or Blackberry platforms?
    (2) Are you happy enough with AT&T that you don't need to consider other carriers?

    I'd be surprised if there were a new AT&T iphone model before June 2011. Anything's possible, but the media's quieting down and they're selling every iphone4 they make. Why rock the boat unnecessarily? If iphone4 sales tank and they can't hardly give them away, then maybe they'd pull the trigger on the next model a bit early, but I'm not seeing a reason to do so today.

    Will a different US carrier (VzW or Sprint) get an iphone? Someday. Will it be January 2011? Perhaps, though it's really guesses based on speculation based on snippets of data. The trouble with technology is there's always a better choice just around the corner. Granted, it's silly to buy an iphone in May since they tend to make announcements in June, but on the other hand you can be waiting for that next great thing forever.
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    wait it out.

    ask yourself this..

    Am i happy with my carrier ( AT&T if you're in the US)(

    then this question:

    which is better the 3G or the 3GS that came after it.
    with the band aid issue that Steve Jobs is doing for the antenna..
    i'm sure the next iphone4G or iphone4S will address this.
    so my suggestion is to wait if you want to stick with apple.

    it wouldn't be bad to check the competition as well.
    the android platform is gaining ground in terms of popularity
    you might even consider the Blackberry torch if you want a keyboard in your phone.

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