42SS White Sport band $100.00 off today!


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Aug 11, 2003
Those are all SS which isn't as good of a deal.
It's actually a great deal if you want the Series 2 SS as this is only the second time I've seen where they've had any real discount at all. Personally, I'm fine with my Series 1 though as it does everything that I need at this point.
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Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
Actually the Series 2 SS's are amazing! The double brightness screens with the darker crystal screen really works. It is very hard to find the Series 2 in SS at a sale price.

I wish I could afford one of them.
Agreed. I haven't had any glare issues with brightness in direct sunlight with the stainless model. At 1,000 Nits brightness compared to the first Gen brightness at 450 Nits, it definitely will be noticeable.
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Aug 1, 2009
Got mine today from BB, and it is so ..so much nicer (feel-wise and looks-wise) over the space gray sports model I had.. Great buy!!
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