4890 in mac pro 1.1 question before about to flash.

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by VanneDC, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. VanneDC macrumors 6502a


    Jun 5, 2010
    Dubai, UAE
    Hi all, :)

    just a quick couple of questions in regards to flashing a Saphire 4890 1GB card for use in OSX 10.6.3

    ive been reading pretty much all i can about the flash process in regards to the 4870/4890 but there is a bit of conflicting info out there, so just wanna make sure i have it straight before i kill my card.

    (ive got a ati x1900xt cards in my mac pro 1.1 main pcie slot)

    (now i tjhink i dont have to use any extra power cables just to flash do i? or do i have to put the 2 power connectors in the side to flash aswell?)

    1. ok, so i stick the 4890 into slot 2,3 or 4 (any slot will do correct?)
    2. Boot osx 10.6.3
    3. Run Zeus (latest update first)
    4. Select my rom that ive got from this site
    5. select the 4800 series tab
    6. Flash the card with Zeus

    (whats nati, and do i need to install it?)

    7. shut down mac pro
    8. Pull out X1900XT card
    9. put 4890 into pcie slot 1
    10. Hook up both power connectors up to the card.
    11 boot up the mac pro, and all should work

    is that it? is it realy /that/ simple?

    Now the other question is, after flashing card, ill still be able to hold down "option" to select boot disk? or will i have no video until osx has loaded up?

    well thats the process as i understand it? is that correct? any help or if iam wrong, please point me into the right direction.

  2. drmullet16 macrumors newbie

    Jul 14, 2010
    I am also interested in how exactly this is going to work.

    I appreciate all the time people have taken to help others with this task especially cindori.

    What is the physical instructions for flashing using zeus.

    From what I understand. If you install Natit you can bypass not needing an EFI and flash directly from the pc card you want to flash. (this means you will not need the actual mac pro card in because the pc one will work somewhat temporarily because of natit.)

    Without using natit. You would need to have orig mac pro card in slot one, with the PC card in slot two not hooked to power(or do you?)

    when the ultimate thread first opened cindori had some pictures on how to do this install.

    anyhelp would be extremely appreciated.

  3. Cindori macrumors 68040


    Jan 17, 2008
    Someone send me a 4890 so I can video tape a complete install from top to bottom.

    drmbullet16 is right about Natit. It is something you use IF YOU HAVE NO MAC CARD AT ALL to start the computer from. And the current Natit works with like 1% of the cards. I plan on fixing that.

    Power cables for flashing? Dunno. Been reported to work without. Don't blame me if the world breaks though.
  4. drmullet16 macrumors newbie

    Jul 14, 2010
    hey Cindori thanks for responding to this. If you got a second I got another quick question.

    1-that 1% of cards out there that work with natit, out of curiosity would that happen to be the original sapphire 4890 used in your first walkthrough

    2-Just to make sure I don't f my card. I have a mac pro 1,1 gonna install a sapphire gen 1 4890. I currently have a x1900xt and a 8800gt(mac version).

    As i understand this is all I would need to do.

    1- With 8800gt in main slot(slot closet to where the ram bay is) and 4890 in next to it. Physically install 4890 with both cards powered.

    2-boot into OSX.
    3- Use Zeus flash the ati card.
    4- Reboot into OSX
    5-Install quartz patch built into zues

    I appreciate your time and patience, will be sending a donation shortly for all your work. If you still have that first walkthrough it would be great if you could send it my way.

  5. Cindori macrumors 68040


    Jan 17, 2008
    Your steps are correct in all assumptions but the quartz patch can be installed at any time.

    I plan on making an updated walkthrough when zeus 2.0 releases (when ever someone signs up to beta test for 15 minutes /sigh)
  6. drmullet16 macrumors newbie

    Jul 14, 2010
    Hey Cindori, where is the Sign Up.

    BTW I just installed my sapphire 4890 without a hitch. AFter doing a little reading through your main thread I noticed many are saying that you should not power the card off the super drive as it could damage your card in the long run. I have a Mac Pro 1,1.

    Now that I have successfully flashed the 4890 do you recommend purchasing an extra GPU to logic board cable from ati and plugging both of them into the logic board?(same as my x1900xt)

    thanks for your time and guidance:)


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