iPod 4g 40 gig ipod question


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i'm researching some ipod stuff before buying so any opinions and experiences would be greatly appreciated.

i'm buying the mrs a pink mini( really, it's for her...) and i want to get a larger ipod to archive what has become a large and messy collection of cd's. i was going to buy the 4g 20 gig but it doesn't come with a dock which i'd like so i can use the line out to my stereo system. i noticed the 4g 40 gig comes with a dock and is only $50 more...which means there is basically a $10.00 difference for double the storage space when you factor in the price of the dock.

i know the 40 gig has been EOL'd but does anyone see any reason not to buy it? we don't need a photo ipod or color screen..those options just aren't important to us.

just looking for some opinions before i place my order.



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Jun 19, 2003
Lancaster, PA
I'm very happy with my 4G 40GB iPod. The only negative thing i can think of is that the 40Gig is thicker, but it is well worth it having the extra storage space.


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May 17, 2004
It's thicker, and I don't think there are any other differences, except that you can't get it engraved anymore
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