4G iPod Shuffle for running/fitness use?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ilp, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. ilp macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2007
    How is the latest generation iPod shuffle for running use? Does it withstand being moist/sweaty?

    I have the 3G Shuffle with 4GB RAM... ok nice amount of storage, but the on the wire remotes are all universally terrible for gym/running use. As soon as you sweat any amount worth anything (e.g. over 30-45 minutes), the controls get moisture in them and stop working.

    I've been running with the 3G shuffle by selecting the song/playlist I want, adjusting the volume, then plugging in headphones w/o remote controls. That's about the only way I can avoid random volume changes, track stops, etc.

    So the 4G shuffle looks attractive. Fifty bucks and no worries about the damn remote on the cord. Has anyone used both? Is the 4G heavier enough than the 3G to make a difference? Anyone has experience with sweaty workouts with the 4G?

    I do 1hr+ runs regularly, and, especially with dew points in high 60's low 70's, I sweat like a mofo, all clothes soaked, etc. I need something that will stay reliable and get me my CHOONS.

    Also, do not buy the Sennheiser/Adidas fitness headphones. Unreliable pieces of crap. Cord/plug frails/breaks way too easily for what is supposed to be a high-end pair of headphones.

    Debating now, also, whether to wait until Sep for the new Shuffle or whether to just go and buy one now.

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