4G/LTE+broadband into TimeCapsule+AirportExpress

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    I have a 4G/LTE "modem" (with a sim that is), giving WiFi and Ethernet (4 ports). I also have a PPPoE broadband (the latter rather slow and some times unstable)

    I have a 2012 Time Capsule, at the moment extended with an AirPort express. We don't really need the latter for extending, but it's connected to amp/speakers so we can play music that way.

    Anyway, since our 4G internet has an unlimited contract now, we would like to combine it all (without extra hardware if possible). This is not only to get faster speeds, but also for a more reliable internet (as both the broadband and 4G are often unstable or even not working for periods of time)

    Can I leave the Time Capsule as it is - set up as PPPoE to the broadband "modem" - and then connect the 4G "modem" to the Airport Express - and get internet from both (at the same time)?

    (so the Airport Express takes internet IN from either WiFi in, or via ethernet from the 4G "modem")

    Or is there another way to do it?

    We have contracts for both, so we might as well get some use out of them.

    Thank you for assisting.
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    Im no expert but heres my thought:

    You would need to change the settings on your AP Express from "extend connection" to "connect to internet". Since the ethernet port on the AP express works as "ethernet out" when the "extend connection" is selected. What this would do is disconnect the AP express from your AP extreme, and you would then have 2 wireless internet in your house. If they are both named the same it would be more or less random which one your devices would connect to, and thus which internet you would use.

    I think what you would need to access "both" is to swap the incoming ethernet connection to you Extreme based on which internet you want to use. Not really what you wanted. You would need to set up the PPPoE on the broadband modem and not on the Extreme in this scenario.

    I have a question, which 4G modem do you have, and is it good?
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    Norza WL55H. I got it about 3 years ago, with a 2 year contract. Nothing wrong with this 4G/LTE router. It has 4 ethernet out - which is fine (I just need 1). The Norza in this version is "only" 100 MB/s, while the new version they had was either 300 or 450. In reality, 100 is sufficient by far for our needs, and higher speeds are often only theoretical due to other users on the network. It only took us less than 24 hours to hit the "6GB fair use limit" for this sim card, and after that the speed is the same IF the network isn't congested - but no limit with the contract we got.

    That unit might be 3 years old (or more), but I know it works and does what I need. The new versions they have doesn't have ethernet, only wifi - so won't work as I want with backup and such.

    Switched to cable, but it's so unstable where I live, so I went back to get a sim card for the Norza again. Since the cable can't be cancelled until July 2018 (unless I pay a fee of the equivalent of all those months anyway), I might as well try to combine the two.

    I know there is a Taiwanese company that makes specific boxes that combine internet like that. I tried to set one up previously in a different location (without luck, couldn't make it work). There are also devices like this one:


    Maybe I should just try one of those ... if it works with my broadband provider.
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    Please help.. my 4g router showing red light power,and not working

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