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    does the 4s on ATT.. have 4G? i thought not but someone said to make sure i am on that plan.

    (FYI if it matters i live in RI)
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    Unfortunately, "4G" is a vague term that's used differently by marketers than it is by standards organizations.

    AT&T is rolling out a true 4G network (using LTE technology) but the iPhone does not have LTE capability. So, it is not technically a 4G phone.

    On the other hand, AT&T's 3G data network has HSPA+ capability in some regions, which provides download speeds equal to or even faster than some of the competition's 4G phones. The iPhone 4s is HSPA+ compatible, so it's true to say that on AT&T the 4s can see 4G-like speeds.

    EDIT: the only choice of plan you have is "how much data am I allowed to use each month?" - you could be on an old unlimited plan, or on one of the new 2GB or 4GB plans... but it doesn't matter which plan you're on, your phone will be able to take advantage of the fastest data connection AT&T has made available in your area, up to HSPA+.
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    Yes and no. AT&T markets their HSPA+ service as "4G" service, and the iPhone 4S does support HSPA+, so AT&T is marketing it as a "4G" phone with up to 14.4Mbps downloads.

    The iPhone 4S is not capable of LTE, which AT&T is rolling out in a few cities. LTE is capable of much faster speeds than HSPA+.
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    4S plan, not 4G plan. There's a specific data plan for the iPhone 4S. What it enables or doesn't isn't clear yet. Some say it enables the HSPA+ speeds. Some dispute that. I don't think anybody knows for sure. If you swapped your SIM from an iPhone 4, you'll need/want to call AT&T and have them switch your plan. If you simply activated the SIM that came in the iPhone 4S and are using it, you should automatically be on the iPhone 4S data plan.

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