4gb installed + 12gb new ram ok?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by lotones, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. lotones macrumors regular

    Aug 6, 2010
    I recently got a refurb imac i7, and was surprised to find one 4gb memory module instead of 2 x 2gb modules. Should there be any problem just buying three more 4g modules, or should the pairs be from the same manufacturer?

    The installed module lists the manufacturer as "0x80AD", which I googled and found more people asking the same question. Hey... I'd buy three more "0x80AD" modules if I knew who they were.

  2. MrCheeto macrumors 68030


    Nov 2, 2008

    As long as they're PC3-8500 SO-DIMM's.

    That's just regular laptop DDR3 ram. You can pick it up in anything as large as 4gb capacities.
  3. lotones thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 6, 2010

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