4GB or 8GB Help ME!


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Jul 23, 2007
I am going to get an iphone tonight and want to know if i should get the 4gb or 8gb. I have about 60 gb of music at home right now. currently using a 8gb nano. I'm not sure that i would use it for any movies.

What are everyone's thoughts?


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Mar 20, 2007
Hehe, you can do what I did and get both ;). Or you could just get the 8GB since that is the same size as the Nano you have now.


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Jul 9, 2007
If you're going to spend $500, just spend $600 and get the 8. Whats $100 at this point?

You'll regret getting a 4 if you have that much music.


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Jun 27, 2006
Seattle, WA
Get the 8GB, you'll get the most storage you can from the iPhone. And you're spending $500, what's the big deal about making it $600?


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Jun 28, 2007
Get the 8 like someone else said, whats a hundred bucks if you're already spending 500. How many songs is 60GB of music?


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Jul 6, 2007
Wash DC suburbs
get the 8 you'll be happy you did.

Videos take up a lot of room and you'll be glad for the ability to keep a few extra on trips.


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Jul 23, 2007
thanks all, i think im going to get the 4gb and save my $100. My only worry about buying a $500 phone is that in a year they will come out with another one.


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Jun 20, 2007
thanks all, i think im going to get the 4gb and save my $100. My only worry about buying a $500 phone is that in a year they will come out with another one.
Oh. They will.

And I bet you will be able to get $300 for the current 8gig next summer on ebay.

I plan on keeping this one even when I buy the new model as a historic keepsake.


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Oct 28, 2003
Honestly, this is how I did it.

I made a playlist of all the songs I definitely wanted on my iPhone (ones you'll listen to, not just for the sake of filling), I made a list of all the pictures I wanted and took 25% of the size of that collection since they'll be optimized, and then set aside all the videos/movies I wanted to carry along with me.

I added that total up and it came out to 6.7GB

You should do the same and see what number you come out with. If its less than 4GB, I say go for the 4GB. If more than 4GB, you know the rest

Happy shopping


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Jun 5, 2007
I would suggest creating a new playlist in iTunes specifically for your iPhone.

I'm sure you know, but remember that it's a phone that plays music just like all other cell phones. It's not completely the latest iPod, so it may not accommodate large iPod media libraries :)

If you are already concerned about space, and the difference is $100, go for the 8 GB.


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Jul 8, 2007
I think you should get eight of the 8GB MODELS!!!!!!! That's the only way you'll hold all of your MUSIC!!!!!!!


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Jul 22, 2007
Island Heights, NJ
Since you currently have only an 8 gig nano... I say get an 8 gig iPhone.

I have an 80 gig iPod which is why i bought a 4 gig iPhone. For me, $100 would have been a senseless waste of money for only 4 more gigs, since neither model holds a candle to my current portable storage capacity.

I think you should get eight of the 8GB MODELS!!!!!!! That's the only way you'll hold all of your MUSIC!!!!!!!
No, an 8 gig os the only way to hold the amount he is used to, he has 60 gigs of music on his hd. Only a real iPod can tackle that :D


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May 25, 2004
either way...
i mean if you get the 4 whatever songs don't fit can be put on your nano... if u need that many for a trip or something...

if u don't want to carry your nano + iphone get the 8


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Jul 2, 2007
Sunny Florida
When she said size doesn't matter, she was lying....

... bigger is better, definitely, or at least when it comes to file storage.... :D


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Jul 6, 2007
Telluride, CO
I second this...I bought the 4 (wanted the 8 but my Apple Store was out and thought I could along the lines of the rationale that most 4G apologists espouse), was back a week later looking for an 8...when they came back in stock I ate the $50 restock and scored the 8 and am much happier!

avoid buyers remorse and get the 8


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Jul 15, 2007
It really does come down to how much a person plans to store on their iPhone. In my case, I intended to get the 8gb if available, but knew I'd "settle" for the 4 if that's what was available. And that's what happened-they were out of 8 on "iDay" (I had gone to the AT&T store) but still had 4's so I went home with a 4, knowing I could exchange it if I wanted to. And indeed, when I learned that the Apple store had plenty in stock afterall, I could have easily returned my 4 to the AT&T store, swallowed the re-stocking fee, and purchased an 8 instead. I chose not to bother. Not worth the effort in my case. But for an 8 to have been available in the first place, for $100 difference, sure, why not! Now, if there was a much bigger price difference between the two, I think there would be a lot less 4gig bashing. (LOL reminds me of the Dr Seuss "Sneeches" story)
Afterall, technology wise, they're the same darn thing. One just has more storage, which for many people doesn't matter. In my case, I have about 11 whole whopping songs on there, and a handful of photos, so I have way over 3gb still left. So for me, like I said-not worth the bother.


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Jul 4, 2007
Denver Colorado
Like everyone says, get the 8.

I have anywhere between 900-1100 songs on my phone at any time. Most of the bands I like don't believe in short songs, if they were shorter I could fit allot more on but it's ok. If I add an album, I take off an album so that I leave about a gig of free space. The phone needs space for browser history and other things such as phone call history and contacts.

You won't regret the 8...the iphone, your life will never be the same once you have it! Enjoy.


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Jul 4, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I usually listen to my music on shuffle.

Since I'm a graphic designer, aside from my most recent purchases, I put the best looking album covers on the iPhone so I can flip through them in Cover Flow (these are albums I like listening too anyway). I also have a shuffle with me which I randomly fill up which then takes care of anything not on my iPhone.

I have the 8, but using this system I could easily make do with 4.


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Aug 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
You would rather go over in space then go under at first.

I got the 8 yet have little to no music on mine.

I did it for future apps and possible music additions.