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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by macworksgreat, Dec 17, 2016.

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    I know this has been hashed on over and over again..... I do love my Apple TV 4 but like many am disappointed in the lack of 4K especially when I have an iMac 5k, etc. and a 4K TV. They are behind as Forbes points out..one of many times... http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarc...just-launched-4k-movie-services/#70c68b477403

    Oh well..may be one day. Again, I know those of you who are not 4K nuts like myself do not really care...but....hey I want Apple to keep up.... :)
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    I totally agree with you and It's totally unexplainable. I was in the new Regent street store in London on Wednesday and the ATV4 were connected to their large screen TVs (no brand names on) and the first thing that I noticed was the real lack of vibrant, clear picture quality when viewing the UI.
    At £180 in the UK for the 64GB one, it's unexplainable. I find it short sighted when people say 'Oh well there's no content'. I now own 15 4k films bought from Vimeo so their argument is truly lame. Plus here in the UK, most cities have fibre broadband with 250meg speed upwards, so it's hardly an issue :)

    Maybe Apple have just lost interest in everything they do now and are bored with their company? Who knows?
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    Yeah, I don't get this - it surely can't be that difficult (or expensive) for them to do?

    I didn't bother with the ATV4 - I've gone for the Fire TV instead. As for the content argument - that was true a year or so ago. Now with Netflix and Prime, there's plenty of 4K content out there.

    That said, boxes like the ATV and Fire TV are a bit unnecessary unless you have a specific reason for needing one. For most people, the software on smart TVs is getting good enough to make these boxes largely redundant.

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