4S from Droid. Car integration questions.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Glauben, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Oct 30, 2011
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    Hello iGang.

    I'm a long-time Motorola user (largely due to friends/family working there). But I'm at the point of trying my first iPhone (4S) and converting from the original Motorola Droid. I'd like to know a few things from you guys about car integration with the 4S (and possibly previous iPhones).

    Seems as though the iPhone integrates well with some of the Pioneer double din DVD units, allowing visualization of navi apps ported to the DVD indash screen. The two in-dash units I'm looking at are the AVH-P4300DVD and the AVH-P3300BT. I'm wondering which iPhone users have integrated either the 4S or the 4 into one of these decks, and the overall success and impressions with pairing the devices in bluetooth mode.

    Secondly, I'd really like to know how well iTunes works on the road while driving (ie. consistency of signal, sound quality). Thirdly, if I have an earlier model iPod, can I use the iPod through the USB port with audio controls from the deck while simultaneously utilizing bluetooth from the iPhone 4s.

    Lastly, what would necessitate going from a 32Gb to a 64Gb iPhone 4S?

    Thanks for the input.
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    I only use Bluetooth in my car so can't speak to the direct USB integration issues - other than to say if you use them, you will lose the ability to use voice control on your music library. That's why I use Bluetooth.

    However on the two questions above:

    Using iTunes on the road - iTunes is the app that lets you download music, it's not a streaming tool so sound quality and signal are kind of secondary concerns. The songs will download, and once they have done so, you can play them. Quality will be 256-bit AAC and quite good.

    32GB vs 64GB - biggest reason I went for 64GB is 1080p video - figure on about 6 minutes per GB of video. You can chew up space very quickly that way!

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