4S Phone won't ring but will vibrate

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    I have a 4S running 7.1.1 right now. Last night I was talking on the phone using speakerphone and the on screen display showed the mute icon, as if I had changed the rocker switch from ring to mute (or vibrate only). I checked the phone and the switch was up (on ring).

    After that, pushing the switch down (or over to vibrate) resulted in the phone not showing the OSD mute icon nor did the phone vibrate. Pushing it up to ring does the same. My phone has the lock sound on, that no longer sounds.

    Music plays through the speaker fine. People can hear me talking on and off speaker and I can hear them. Using headphones, I tested the phone again and the phone rings right through the headphones. Unplugging them results once more in the phone not ringing.

    I've tried a number of things:
    Rebooted the phone.
    General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch (to turn the phone on mute or not)
    General>Sounds>Change with buttons (from on to off) then turned the volume down (there is a slider above that button) and then back up again.
    General>Sounds>Vibrate on Ring turned from off to on, for kicks.
    General>Sounds>Vibrate on silent from on to off, for kicks.
    Tested my ringtone, it plays. Used a default ringtone, it plays through the speaker like the custom one but again, no joy when I call myself.

    The biggest red flag is the rocker switch. Moving it to ring I get nothing. Moving it to vibrate it would and should vibrate once just to give indication that it is going to silent, but it doesn't. Moving it back to ring from time to time it shows the mute icon, which is backwards. Thinking things got switched I tried muting the phone and calling but it vibrates.

    Alarm worked...because I am awake, and music plays through speakers, like I mentioned. I have not restored the phone yet. I read it doesn't help and this may be my hardware is dying or dead. If it is the sound board then it makes little sense to me why everything else is okay. If the mute switch is stuck then I believe I am stuck opening the phone and figuring that out or just spending my welfare check on a new iPhone.

    Clearly I should just get a new phone but right now I'd like to address this issue.
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    In all the iPhone hype I figured I would throw out that I'm still curious about the issue I'm having.

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