4s shuts off while taking photo

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    Recently my 4s has started to act strangely. At least 1/2 dozen times the phone has turned off when I press the shutter button on the camera. I turn it back on and then take a picture without it turning off. So, at worst this is intermittent. However, it should not be happening at all. Any idea what is going on? The phone is around 2 1/2 years old and has worked almost flawlessly until now. Of course, it is out of warranty.

    I have never dropped it and the case is protected. Outwardly, it is in excellent shape.
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    My 3GS acted like that when the battery started loosing capacity.
    Now my 4S is starting to shutdown the same way.
    Both were about 2 1/2 years old when they started.
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    Explain this

    Please expand the last reply. The battery is almost 100% and does not lose the charge quickly. How is the problem I have described a battery issue?
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    It sounded more like a possible thing to consider given that it was phrased as "Battery?" with a question mark. Given the additional battery details you provided it seems like that's probably not as likely in your case.

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