4s won't turn off/not holding charge.


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Mar 1, 2012
I'm not sure what happened in the past 2 weeks, But everytime i attemp to turn my phone off. It turns off then waits a second before booting back up. i have no idea why it's doing this.

I've also noticed recently that my battery is draining at a rapid speed compared to normal. My phone on average would last 2 days before i hit under 10% (then i'd charge it that night) i'm on wi-fi all day at work & at home, my emails push isn't on, i don't have any apps opened in the background, and i can't make it more than 15 hours.

Any suggestions to fix, thanks


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Nov 11, 2010
Carnegie and Ontario
  • Enter DFU by plugging your iPhone into your computer via the dock connector to USB cable and holding both buttons at the same time. Release the power button about three seconds after the screens after goes black and keep holding the home button.
  • iTunes should open and ask to restore your iPhone.
  • Select restore and let it complete.
  • Set up as new on both iTunes and on your iPhone.

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