4th Day with my iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by CosmoPilot, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Thought I'd post an initial reaction thread concerning my recently acquired 27" 2.7GHz i5.

    We had a Dell 20" desktop that died and so we replaced it with this Mac. I've been using a mid-2010 13" MBP exclusively for the past year and haven't used a BIG screen computer in awhile.

    After setting it up (10 minutes tops), I fired it up and began to question my purchase immediately. The screen is just plain old HUGE!!! So huge in fact, I felt I made a terrible decision not opting for the 21.5. My wife even started complaining about how challenging it was looking at all that screen real estate. However, I'm a bit stubborn and decided I was gonna learn to live with this regardless.

    2nd day with the machine, and I felt the same way! I did notice looking around the screen seemed a bit easier, but still was enormous and intimidating. I played on the iMac all day the 2nd day spending some quality time with it and tweaking it to personal taste.

    3rd day I started to "feel" more comfortable with the machine. While still large, it was no longer intimidating. On my MBP I used expose and 9 spaces. However, with this large screen, I just couldn't get used to full screen apps or really justify a need for multiple spaces. With this large screen, it feels more comfortable (to me) to just use 1 desktop. Mission control along with Cinch allows me to have all the information I need on the same desktop. While Full Screen apps are useful for a laptop, I just don't see the utility on the massive screen of the iMac.

    4th day, the iMac is starting to feel more 'normal'. I now know (for the first time since it arrived) that I will get used to it and actually enjoy it.

    So my advise to those on the fence. You must give yourself some time to adjust to this massive display.

    All is not complete roses yet...I still have some minor quirks I'm working through.

    1st: Lion uses gestures so I find myself not 'resting' my hand on the trackpad, but rather holding it slightly elevated above it. This causes strain on my lower forearm after a few hours use. There has to be a way to rest the hand beside or onto of the trackpad when not using it without making inadvertent gestures.

    2nd: reading text on such a high pixel dense display. This is a personal preference. I don't have trouble reading webpages, however the text is so much smaller than I've ever had before thanks to poor monitors. I understand you can zoom and change the resolution. However, as I stated earlier I'm a bit stubborn and refuse to give up on the resolution without properly giving myself an opportunity to get adjusted.

    I'm going on my 5th day tomorrow, so I still have a learning curve to adjust to. Just thought I'd share my initial thoughts on my new machine. It's fast, sleek, and beautiful in my office. Can't imagine using anything else...and can't wait till I'm fully adjusted to this massive display.

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    I bought my 27"because I needed that Real estate for multi visor, phot and music applications.

    I was delighted with it from day 1 but I migrated from a 21" screen so maybe not such an adjustment.

    As you say, give it a little time and you will wonder how you did without it. Just go back to your MB after a couple of weeks and you'll see what I mean.

    I rarely use my laptop unless I have to now:)
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    Cinch sounds like BetterSnapTool which is incorporated into BetterTouchTool and BTT can be downloaded for free. BTT lets you define tons of extra gestures, like 5 finger clicks, left and right tip taps where you put two fingers down on the trackpad and tap either the left or right. These are great for assigning to things like making a mail item read or unread. Also good for setting Safari so that you can gesture left to right or right to left through your Safari tabs. I use 5 finger clicks to quit apps, and 4 finger clicks to minimize the window below cursor.
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    From what I read at the BTT web site their utility is SL only.
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    I think it is a little buggy but on its way to being fully compatible.

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