4th Gen APE extending from a 6th Gen APE

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Oct 29, 2012
I got a 6th Gen AirPort Extreme for Xmas. Im am using that as my "main" router and using my 5th Gen Extreme it replaced down stairs for my A/V equipment. Both the 6th and 5th Gen's are connected via ethernet. Now my Q, I have a 4th Gen Extreme I have repurposed to extend my coverage to my backyard. There is no ethernet where it is placed so Im using it to extended the network. My issue is the 4th Gen is "feeding" off of the 5th Gen and not the 6th Gan like I want it to. Is there a way in the setting to force the 4th Gen to "feed" off of the 6th Gen Extreme?


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Mar 26, 2013
Elkton, Maryland
Reset it to factory settings and it should give you an option to Extend, however with a drop down menu to select which base station to extend. If you are using the Ethernet ports on it for your A/V Equipment why not disable wireless on the second AirPort? It is best to have as little noise as possible in a wireless LAN.
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