4th Gen touch. Help (advanced) with SMT Caps replacement

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jmac3, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Jan 8, 2013

    Hey Guys.

    So i was going along checking the voltage outputs on the little patch of surface caps located next to the solder pads for the pwr/volume rocker. Being an idiot and not considering how small they really are and how much larger the tip of my meter probe is in comparison i shorted out one of the smt components. you can see the burnt component in the picture. Im not sure if this is a cap or an inductor, do not know its size or value, and i have yet to find a circuit diagram from ANY Apple product so my plan is to remove what i need from another logic board, which i plan to test and log the values during the transition so i know what i need once I discover whats wrong with THAT logic board. What im looking for is some one that has done this with out bumping other components off their pads during heating and can give me a few pointers on how to do this. I have successfully replaced very small surface components on ipods before but much larger components and not soooo close to the tiny smt capacitors.

    The first pic is the board with the blown cap that im going to try and replace.

    The second pic is a flat head touching the component on the good logic board that im going to be romoving to use to replace the component on the first board.

    My main concern is about the removal process

    Equipment i have to work with:

    smt rework hot air gun with adjustable temp (100-480 degrees) 3mm nozzle kester 751 liquid flux.
    800x 2mp usb microscope
    good set of right angle tweezers.
    Any ideas on temp rang? im thinking around 320 degrees.

    On this one im thinking I'm going to want to have both of hands free so shouldn't I mount my hot air gun? I don't think im going to be able to hold the hot air gun and watch the monitor (usb scope) at the same time, i was thinking of holding a needle to it very gently, and then begin heating the area while watching the cam. when the solder appears to melt and looks {whetted) gently nudge it off the pads and pray to God i don't touch anything else and jack it up worse than i already have.

    Any Ideas? tips? pointers? blessings? lol!

    How can i do this without bumping something else during the heating?

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