5.1.1 Jailbreak Problem


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Oct 29, 2015
Good Morning, new to jailbreaking and I have searched and searched but can't find out exactly how to fix my problem. I'm trying to jailbreak one of my buddy's old Ipads and it is giving me fits. It's an Ipad 1 model A1337 running 5.1.1. I've tried Absinthe and redsn0w and both are giving me the same issues. The jailbreak is working and Cydia is being installed. Once I open Cydia it tells me all my sources Failed to Fetch. This wasn't surprising to me since it's an old system and I figured I'd have to just put new sources in. So I deleted my sources and tried to manually put new ones in and I get the sub-process/bin/bzip2 error code...I'm stuck and have to clue what to do now. I've tried using i-FunBox and going into var/lib/dpkg and changing "available" to "available-bak" and "status" to "status-bak" like some have suggested but it didnt work...HEELP!