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Jul 7, 2010
For those that have seen my threads recently - I'm obviously a bit paranoid about JB'ing after a bad experience w/ Greenpois0n (admittedly, probably user error).

My question now that I'm jailboroken on 5.1 (GSM 32GB iP4) is, how do I tell what Cydia apps are 5.1 compatible? The last thing I want is to install something that gets me stuck on the pineapple/apple logo and have to restore my custom IPSW (NO_BB to keep 1.59.00 BB) and re-jailbreak.

In my jailbroken 4.1 days, I was a big fan of tweaks like infinifolders, iconoclasm, 5 icon dock, and varous Winterboard themes.

I also had iFile, and had openSSH installed (though I never learned how to use it properly).

Browsing Cydia, I notice that most of the update history says "updated for 4.x.x and higher" - not sure if this actually includes 5.1 since most that are jailbroken are still on 5.0.1.

Thanks in advance for pointing out anything that I'm missing.

Thank you!

Andy Ftw

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Mar 12, 2011
I was on 5.1 until about 3 weeks ago when I decided to go back to 5.0.1 for convenience of untethered. I installed all my usual tweaks on 5.1 such as activator, sbsettings, winterboard, ifile, perpagehtml, gridlock, infinidock, etc etc.

Everything worked and never experienced any issues, apart from activator when trying to assign custom actions it would respring. I have no idea if that was due to a conflict with another package, lack of update of activator or just something one off which I experienced but apart from that everything was working great. Basically I just say go with everything you plan to but have a look at recent changes etc just in case but if there is nothing to suggest you shouldn't install it, I can bet you'll be fine ;)
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