5.1 Surround Sound from MacBook Pro Help

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by AberFitch1220, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Dec 2, 2008
    I am about to set up my MacBook Pro with my new television so I can watch online shows, movies, and listen to music through my surround system. Currently, my television is set up to have its audio out connected to my surround sound. I was hoping that I could connect an audio in with the HDMI that would connect either directly to the surround sound or through the television into the surround sound. Both have the red and white connections. So, I was wondering how I could connect my MacBook from the one audio output and get it to the two audio inputs (either on my tv or surround sound system).
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    You cannot deliver digital audio (e.g., 5.1) from a Mac by HDMI. The DVI and DisplayPorts do not have audio lines (the DP may, but if so it's apparently not active). You have to connect a Toslink cable from your Mac's audio-out port directly to your TV or receiver, both of which must have an optical input. This is the only way to get digital audio from your Mac (which can be up to 7.1). The R&L RCA plugs using analog (i.e., cable with 3.5mm stereo on one end and RCA white and red plugs on the other) can only deliver 5-channel surround (Dolby Pro Logic II) if your receiver can decode it.

    We're all hoping that Apple's implementation of DisplayPort has audio, because then you can deliver high bit rate HD audio (i.e., True-HD, DTS-HD) through it.

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