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    I work for a big company where we have PCs, MACS and iPHONES. We've tried syncing our calendars in many ways and after thinking we found the answer (via mobile me) realized it was a mess because odd appointments kept showing up. So I have two choices. Either make my MAIL and ICAL app sync to the exchange server, or find a way to sync both work (laptop) and personal (the one that would be used as the server at home) without having weird appts coming up on everyone's calendar.

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    First off, there is no need to shout.

    Second, you have come to the wrong place to complain. Every implementation of Exchange is different. Your Exchange server can be accessed via Mail/Address Book/iCal if it is setup to allow it. If it does not allow it, there is precious little that anyone here can do about it. Call up your IT department and be very, very nice to them. Perhaps, they will make the changes to it setup to allow your to access the server. However, they won't do it if you carry-on like you carried-on here.
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    Sorry! I didn't intend for it to come off as shouting or whining. I think I can continue doing things the way we are now but I still have the issue of weird appointments showing up. Any takes on that?
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    help setting up exchange

    I found a way to setup Apple Mail to the exchange server (via IMAP).

    About address book I can't find a way to get it done.
    I've setup ldap on AddressBook like the article in macosxhints but perhaps there is something wrong in the exchange server. Any clues? (my IT company doesn't do macs…*but I can teach them!!!).

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    As the previous poster said: talk to your I.T. department and find out how they've got Exchange set up. For what it's worth, I admin a Windows-centric corporate network for a living and we have several Macs working happily within the system. For things to work, however, your Mac will need to be properly bound to the local domain (done with Directory Utility - your systems admin will have the necessary details to be entered).

    Apple Mail supports Exchange directly - no need to use IMAP

    Address Book should work, but it depends on how they have the LDAP server set up as to how easy it will be to get working.

    iCal tends to be a problem - appointments sent to your mail account can be double-clicked within Apple Mail to add to iCal, but you can't directly sync with Exchange. There are some (messy) workarounds - mostly involving the use of CalDAV, but they're far from ideal.

    Ultimately, if you REALLY need calendaring, Entourage (the business version, not the cheapie home edition as the latter doesn't support Exchange) is your best bet , although you can run Outlook via Wine or Crossover office as an alternative.

    Again, though, it's impossible to give specific recommendations without knowing exactly how the server is configured. Talk to your I.T. dept (frankly if one of my staff tried to connect a machine to the network or our mail server without going through me, I'd kick their ass... :D).
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    Running into the same problem...

    I can't connect as well. the it guys say it should work but we can't get it to work. Please HELP! I purposly SHOUTED to get a rise out of the tight wad MisterMe. What a nerd!
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    I believe the Exchange support is WebDAV only. Is OWA configured on the server you are pointing to?

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