5 Reason not to buy the iPhone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jbeggroll, Jun 24, 2010.

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    There is already 3 Threads on this. Please search next time.
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    My bad man, will do so next time.
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    What do I think? I think the number 1 reason is BS. This is what they said last year on 3GS. Wait for Verizon iphone. Did we get it? No.
    We can always come up with reasons about not getting any products, but what do these analysts know about the contract between AT&T and apple? Nothing. They are just 3rd parties who have no idea but just writing based on speculation.
    Also, every phones are going to have shortages and this is also for droid incredible and evo 4G, so I don't understand why this is the reason.

    Go make your judgment based on what you think. Does AT&T give you good enough network at your area? Mine does, but it is not as good as verizon. But, Sprint is the worst service in my area. So, it really depends on where you live.
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    I think he's a sack of **** that needs to get off his mothers nipple. His points aren't even valid. I already made a thread on this, in a nutshell......

    iPhones camera is better than evo
    I like touch screen keyboard more than physical
    FaceTime is open, skype has to be able to use it
    Verizon turned down apple initially.

    Dumb editors need to do research first.
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