5 reasons to choose Android over iOS (and vice versa)

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    Inspired by the "10 reasons" thread, I decided to try to make a legitimate "reasons" thread. I attempted to stay away from opinion based reasons, such as design or ui elements. Also added 5 reasons for iOS. Feel free to add to the list.

    5 reasons to choose android over iOS

    • 1. More choice. Lots more handsets at different price points, sizes, build materials, designs and specs. While Apple has great design and hardware, if they don’t have what you want, your out of luck.
    • 2. More customizations. Launchers, lock screen replacements, icon packs, font packs, there are so many ways you can customize the look of your device that just aren’t available with iOS, where you can only really change your background and widgets on the notification screen.
    • 3. More functional apps. Apps on google play can take more control of your device and therefor have more features than you find on their iOS alternative. Dropbox will automatically upload your photos/videos when your in wifi range, while iOS makes you launch the app first. Other apps such as tasker or emulators just aren’t available on iOS.
    • 4. More features. Android have a larger feature set, and while you can do most on iOS with some lengthy work arounds, they’re are built in to android and simpler to do. So while you can send attachments in emails on iOS, its a huge and inconvenient work around to do, while on android its simple built in step.
    • 5. OEM customization. While some see this as bad, its actually good in that there are so many companies trying new features that push the platform forward that later gets baked into stock android and even iOS. Features such as quick settings, multi window, tap to unlock, always listen voice commands, quick reply and more first debuted on an OEM skin.

    5 Reasons to choose iOS over android.

    • 1. More polished apps. While android apps may have more features, iOS apps have generally been better optimized for the platform. They run smoother and generally have a better ui that is optimized for the device. iOS apps that have been optimized for the 6+ or iPad make better use of the extra screen space than android apps running on larger devices.
    • 2. Updates. iOS updates are generally fast and will reach most devices from the last couple of years. While Lollipop has been released for almost a month, only certain Nexus devices have gotten the update, and its a rollout that will take months to complete, especially true if you have a carrier phone, you may not get the update for almost a year if ever. In the meantime, folks with a 3 year old iPhone 4S got the 8.0 update on release day regardless of carrier or location.
    • 3. Apple ecosystem, which includes apple devices and third party support. iOS devices can take advantage of extra features built into other Apple devices, such as continuity, hand off, air play, air drop, iTunes media, and iCloud. iOS devices also have more support from third party venders, such as case makers, speaker docks, radio docks, car stereos, apple pay, etc. While there is support for android handsets, depending on the android phone you get, YMMV.
    • 4. Customer support. Apple has by far the best customer support. You can easily take your broken handset in and have a replacement same day. With most other OEMs you have to mail your phone in or make a deposit so they send you the replacement first. You could be without your phone for weeks, or have a $600 hold on your debit/credit card for weeks while you wait a replacement.
    • 5. Popularity. Now, I’m saying you should follow the crowd and get something because its popular, but with more people that you know using an iPhone, the more valuable features such as iMessage and FaceTime are. While there are alternatives on android, you also have to convince whoever your going to message to also use that alternative, which means them setting up an account, logging in, setting up a separate contact list, and maintaining to use that app. Tried using Skype with my parents, and I had to always call first and talk them through login in before I could even attempt a video call. But with iMessage and FaceTime being built in, always logged in, and using your phone number, there is no friction in using it.
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    To build on:

    More apps: Google services are also available on iOS, so unless you are really desperate for Google Now integration or native Google Maps, you don't really lose much because most of the Google Apps (Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Maps, Hangouts, Chrome) are available on your iOS device. Thus, if you are more a Google supporter than an Android supporter, you would be indifferent between an iPhone or an Android handset.

    Likewise, for document creation, we have iWork's, Google Docs and Office for iOS, while Android has just Google Docs.

    Games also tend to be released for iOS first.
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    Android has Google Docs and Office...
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    Isn't Office still in beta?
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    Current facts are Android has more apps of much better quality than in the past. I know I enjoy both platforms. They're as good as iOS also just look for yourself. Old facts keep getting repeated even when out of date and incorrect.

    My iPhone 6+ and Note 4 are equally enjoyable. I like having First hand experience with both. Each has its strengths, both are terrific smartphones. I celebrate their differences. I run them with the same apps, both sync to my MacBook Pro Retina with ease. It's great fun :)
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    I would put something else higher than Popularity on the iOS list. Something like ease of use or quality. For example, TouchID works great on all iOS devices that have it whereas on Android there is apparently only one company that offers a similar feature on a device but it works poorly. I have face recognition on my Android device but it works very poorly. Apple either does it right or does not do it whereas with Android you get a mixed bag.
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    Nice balanced post OP, and for many of those very reasons I like to have both an iOS and android device.
  8. ozaz, Nov 22, 2014
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    It was more interesting for me to do personal/opinion based reasons


    1. Hardware choice (sizes, price points, etc)
    2. App drawer
    3. Notification LED
    4. Better interaction between apps
    5. Home-screen widgets


    1. iCloud backup/restore
    2. TouchID
    3. The system-wide define word functionality
    4. Better tablet apps in general
    5. Better science/education/reference apps (e.g. iTunesU)

    I favour Android for my phone (for all the reasons in my Android list) and iPad for my tablet (reasons 4 & 5 in my iOS list are most important here). Would also add that a traditional lack of 4:3 options amongst Android tablets has influenced me favouring iPad.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    Facetime and iMessage are a big part of why I use Apple.

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