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Discussion in 'iPad' started by CanadianGeek, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I'm young and I have been trying to become a writer on a tech site, I got turned down by RunAroundTech. Here's a sample about how iPads can boost productivity.

    So, I have never really had good productivity in school, work would be passed in late, procrastination ruled my life, I always used the computer and never stopped to do homework.

    That all changed when I bought an iPad to help me to excel.

    I type my work in school, no pencil, no pen. Just my books and my iPad.

    So, I wanted to give some tips to help you get your work done! I have an iPad, so this may differ from device to device.

    Tip 1: Type your work on it!

    This is very obvious, but just wanted to put it out there, actually do your work on your iPad, not just play Angry Birds in class. I suggest you start out use the default Notes app that comes with the iPad, then get Pages after you get your feet wet with the keyboard and interface of iOS.

    Tip 2: iCloud all the way!

    Use iCloud to backup your notes every day, so you won't lose all your work if your iPad breaks. I have learned the hard way when my Nexus 7's screen cracked and wouldn't work, then I got the iPad. You can sign up for a free Apple ID, and then turn on iCloud, and it's all smooth sailing from there!

    Tip 3: Reminders and Calendar!

    I used to have a Calendar in my locker, and when I got the iPad, I started using Reminders and Calendar to help me remember my tests, quizzes, and deadlines, and just today I handed in my essay, typed up on Pages, 3 days early. Calendar and Reminders helped me to remember to research and type it, and with iCloud, it all synced to my iPod, Mac, and iPhone.

    Tip 4: Get your Textbooks on it!

    Picture this. You forgot your textbook somewhere, and you need to do your homework. What would you do? Use your iPad, of course! You can sign up for may services that will provide your textbook for free or for a fee, most of these, especially the free ones, ask you to validate that you are a student of the school you are a student of.

    Tip 5: Communicate with your Teachers!

    More and more teachers are becoming more tech-savvy these days, and some of them have communication tools like blogs or chatrooms where students can ask a teacher a question and it will be answered. My school now has Wi-Fi, so I can use the Wi-Fi halfway across the school to ask my teacher if I left my coat in there.

    Alright, those were my 5 tips. Hope you liked them.
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    Feb 23, 2013

    I am wanting to buy a ipad and this is def leaning me towards it more. Any apps you recommend to do school work on? Also I have a hp desktop, how would it work if I started typing a paper on there using word/ office and than wanted to finish via ipad.
  3. ucfgrad93, Feb 23, 2013
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    Typing a long assignment on the iPad's onscreen keyboard wouldn't be very effective in my opinion. A physical keyboard would be much better. Personally, I find a laptop better for students.
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    Laptop can do all this with 4x the capacity, twice as quick (specifically keyboard vs touch screen)and at a fraction of the cost.

    Before someone says it, adding a keyboard is not a good solution either. For one the iPad has nearly NO keyboard shortcut support (such as copy, paste, cut, open explorer, open run window, assign hot keys, etc.).

    Definitely something that should be considered on the next iOS update.

    Tablets are poor productivity devices. I say this owning a Nexus 7, Motorola Xoom and a iPad 3. In fact, sometimes I get fed up with the cumbersome touch screen that I jump back on the computer for even basic tasks.

    As far as calendars and reminders go, I find a smart phone far more effective in this category since it fits in pockets and its something you have on you at all times. Plus 3rd party apps offer some serious benefits over the ones Apple supplies.

    I can understand the average joe using the iPad for productivity but for people like me that have grown up in the DOS days and have mastered the keyboard and mouse over the last 20-30 years..its really not a change for the better.

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