5 year mac user with no mac!!


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Jun 3, 2004
hi all.
just got back from amsterdam. it was a good trip. i now have lots of video's clips and sound files and too many photo's. i wanted to make a dvd of the experience for future viewing. then i can also give a copy to my mate who went with me. i had an ibook till about 6months ago. i sold it cause of money problems. well...i used to use imovie5 and idvd5 together for somple stuff like this and i loved it's professionalism with little effort. i have used final cut pro many times but only for big college projects.
as i only have a dell now, what is the best software to get to replace the ilife apps. any opinions and idead to get similar results with ease?



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Mar 10, 2005
Los Angeles, California
DeSnousa said:
Save up for a mac mini if you ask me.

If not dare i say just use windows movie maker.
ulead would be my recomendation as well. Sony has some softwere too that comes with their comps that arent too shavy, I believe they sell them as well.

if u are going to look @ expensive software, my Rec. would be to get a Mac Mini and it will have iLife 05 and u can use iMovie HD and iDVD with tons of new menues
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