$ 50 more for 1 gig memory Macbook-worth it?


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Jan 1, 2006
I'm not sure if the macbook ships with 2x256 or 1x512. if it's 1x512 you can find used imac/macbook pro/macbook member on ebay (people who have ordered a intel mac and purchased two 1GB chips and selling there 512mb it shipped with so its just about brand new) for under $30 shipped. $50 is not bad, but you can get it cheaper on ebay.com


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Sep 13, 2004
Johannesburg, South Africa
IF it was me, I would pay the $50 and get the extra memory, especially if its a single 1Gig stick of memory... but them $50 translates into something different for me than I guess it would for you... :rolleyes:


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Apr 17, 2004
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1 GB total RAM is a good starting point for most users.

When Apple is upgrading you to 1 GB total RAM, they are only selling you an additional 512MB's of RAM

If you are a heavy user, you'll be better off buying the MacBook stock adding 2 single 1 GB RAM DIMMS 3rd party selling or saving the original 2 X 256 MB DIMMS.

You also need to think about a backup drive.
Your digital life will be on that notebook so I'd be sure to have safe copies of everything that matters.