500gb 2.5" Hard Drive for Macbook


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Jun 28, 2007
I currently live in Brazil and at the beginning of 2008 I am flying to the US and planning on buy many computer stuff ( cheaper there). My current macbook has a 160gb hd 5400rpm. I know that nowadays there are 250gb 5400rpm for macbooks, but what about a 500gb? When is it going to launch? I am planning on buying a 500gb internal and a 500gb firewire external for backup.

About price, a 250gb internal today is about 200 dollars, so I am imagining the 500gb to be 400 dollars. Plus the firewire for 150. It fits right in what I am allowed to bring from the US.

Any idea or help? Thanks.


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Sep 24, 2006
why do you need that anyway??

why don´t you buy an external drive for storage and use your current harddrive for sistem and current files?

Keeping all your stuff in a notebook drive is an error, as drives in laptops are more prome to fail (as they move all arround) and they are slower than 3.5 ones.

Tom B.

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Mar 22, 2006
What do you need it for? Is 250GB not enough?
You might have to wait at least till 2009 or even later for 500GB.