50GB icloud space on a 32GB device.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bj097, Oct 10, 2017.

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    what would happen if I subscribe to a 50GB icloud space on a 32GB iPhone?

    if I delete what I have on the device, (e.g. photos and videos), could those photos and videos preserve on the icloud space?

    is it possible to let the icloud to keep my photos and videos (serve as backup), and then I clean up the iPhone, and whenever I need those photos and videos I can get part of them back to my iPhone device or PC?

    I am planning to get a smaller capacity device and subscribe to the iCloud.

    I don't want to plug and unplug the USB cable to PC every day so I want to do the backup of my photos and videos primarily with iCloud
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    For years I had a 128GB iPhone and 128GB iPad sharing the same 5GB of free space. These days I'm paying for 200GB/month so I can keep all my photos in the cloud.

    My advice is to take control over what is backed up. Go through app by app and figure out if it really needs to be backed up. Facebook is a good example. There's no point in having that be part of your backup. If you get a new phone, you re-download the app and login again. Many, many apps fall into this category. For games, I ask myself if I want to keep my progress. Some games I've had for years and don't want to lose statistics or progress. But for many others, there's no real harm in starting from scratch if needed. I don't backup my music as it's quite easy for me to restore when needed. If I need to reinstall my DVD database, I just sync it from the desktop app. I don't backup banking apps as it's pointless. There's a lot of fluff there that's easy to get rid of and isn't needed.

    To answer your other questions, I'm not sure about music. I just have all my ripped CDs loaded. But I do believe you can just re-download when wanted if you use Apple Music.

    As for photos, if you delete it on your phone, it deletes in the cloud. However, you can configure it not to download the full photo to your photo. I have 28,000 photos, all available on my phone and iPad, but 99% of them are just the thumbnail. It downloads the full photo when needed from the cloud. That will save you lots of space if you set it up that way. Of course I still have the full photos on my Mac. Not sure how I would feel with iCloud being my only backup. I've not plugged my phone into a computer to transfer photos / videos in years. I just take a photo and it's on all three devices.
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    You need to use the “optimise storage” options for photos and videos which will minimise what this stored on your device and allow full resolution versions to remain on the cloud.

    If you delete photos from your device, they’ll be deleted from the cloud too.

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