50GB TM Backup after installing Fusion 3


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Sep 26, 2006
This afternoon I installed a few updates in addition to the the Fusion 3 trial.

HP Printer Driver Update
iPhoto and Safari 4.0.4 updates

I keep all my VM's on an external drive, and my free space has only decreased a little (as expected with installing updates). I did not do anything to modify large files (such as renaming iTunes movies etc).

Is there anyway to figure out what Time Machine is doing so I can try and pin point what it's actually backing up? And has anyone had anything similar after installing those items? And, is there anyway of removing the last backup?

Thanks in advance,


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Mar 26, 2008
West Suburban Boston Ma
iirc, time machine backs up the virtual machine. Any time you run fusion it changes the virtual machine slightly so that would cause time machine to back it up. There are some other threads on this you could find with mroogle.
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