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Oct 14, 2011
I was going to get a rMBP with a 512GB SSD, as my current computer has 457GB used on the 500GB HD.

I just saw they make a 256GB SDXC card, so So I'm thinking I could buy a rMBP with a 256GB SSD, and get a 256GB SDXC and I would have the storage I need.

The SDXC comes with a lifetime warranty, so I never have to worry about buying another one when it goes bad, and I could save some $$ on future computers with lower SSD's.

Do any of you guys use SDXC cards, and how well do they work?

Thank you


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Sep 1, 2010
You would have the storage. However, you would be seeing a major difference in speed between having a 512GB SSD and the half-half solution you're looking at. Just wondering, what's the difference in price between these two options? A USB 3 external would provide improved speed, but not necessarily be as portable.

And I might just be cautious, but I'd believe that a compromise (if budget allows) would be to stick to the 512, and then find a 128GB SDXC card. Allowing you to store everything initially, and then move off some of the data you don't need at blazing fast speeds onto the card. Just keep in mind that with the current rMBPs, you're stuck to whatever size drive you purchase. Upgrades are on the way, but they have been on the way for over two years now.


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Apr 22, 2003
Interesting comment regarding that lifetime warranty for the SDXC memory card.

I added a 64GB to my Macbook Air, but I know from experience that SD cards will not last forever, regardless of what the warranty states.

The nature of SD and other flash cards is that they will eventually wear out after writing to the same block after a few thousand times. Some even sooner.

These flash memory cards were meant for occasional use, not as a replacement for hard disk drives.

I'm going to go back and read the fine print. I'm curious to see how things will work out. Perhaps the shipping/handling charges might be prohibitive?


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Aug 31, 2003
Wherever my feet take me…
I'd go with the 512GB drive. It's faster than any external drive.

If you get an SD card, read the fine print on it. I've found that "lifetime" warranties only cover the life expectancy of the drive. So if the company feels their SD card should last only 4 years, and yours lasts 5 years, the company wouldn't cover the last year. It's pretty sneaky.

I don't know how you use your computer, but I've met people who have pretty big files (in the 100s of GB). Usually iPhoto libraries. If you have tons of pictures, it might not fit on a 256 GB drive. So plan accordingly. So two 256 GB drives is not always the same as a single 512 GB drive.


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Sep 14, 2011
Leeds, UK
I have a 256GB SSD and a 128GB transcend SDXC card that sits flush. iTunes and downloads live on it. Occasionally dismounts after sleep but other than that it is fine. I manually back up once a week the SD card. I have Parallels OS's on a USB 3.0 Caddy with a Samsung 840 256GB SSD.

If I could go back in time I'd go the 512GB route and be done, no SD card and no external. Faster, simple, cleaner and less to carry.
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