555x or Vega 16 if fan noise is a priority?

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    Mar 26, 2012
    My current MBP is the 2016 model with the 2.9ghz. I've never ordered a laptop with a high clocked CPU and the extra fan noise it creates has been pretty annoying over the years. With these new 2019 models using the 2.3ghz i9s i've heard it helps a lot to keep both temps and noise levels down while still delivering a lot of power.

    Only question is would a 555x or Vega 16 be better for keeping temps and fan noise down? I've heard despite newer video card running cooler the fan noise with Vega is louder by default. Is this still true even with the CPU tweaks in the 2019 model helping the CPU run with less throttling, or does Apple just make the system run louder anyways to get the most out of the extra power in the video card? Even considering I edit video a lot, I can deal with a slower video card if it means the fans don't crank up as often or as loud.
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    Good question. I also want to know the answer. We should include Vega 20 as well.

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