5GHz wifi slow


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Jul 16, 2002
Apple's QA has really gone downhill lately. First, they break bluetooth hands-free with iOS 8.0.2, and now the initial 10.10 install breaks 5GHz for me on a Mid-2012 retina MBP.

If I connect to 5GHz, it's extremely slow. If I go to speedtest.net, the page loads slowly. Once I attempt to start the test, it will not run. It just hangs.

On 2.4GHz, speedtest.net works fine (although obviously the results are slower).

Any suggestions? Are there any plist files or something else I an reset? I've done the following:

1. Repaired permissions and rebooted
2. Deleted my saved wifi networks and readded them
3. Turned wifi off/on.
4. Attempted to change my DNS to google DNS when I originally noticed the slow down.


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Oct 26, 2007
I'm having the exact same issue with the exact same MBProRetina. I'm pissed because being on 2.4 GHz brings back the old screen flicker that I NEVER get on 5GHz.

I sure hope they resolve this soon. :confused:


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Aug 2, 2011
WiFi is broken on iOS 8 too. The exact same way. Safari hangs halfway through loading, then a few seconds later, finally works but it's annoying.


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Jul 7, 2011
Just installed on my rMBP and 5ghz to airport express is same as before. Connect speed 701Mbps and broadband speedtest at speedtest.net gives same results as before.

Sure nothing is updating in the background?


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
Yeah, wondering that too. After updating my iMac (wired ethernet!) it was slow as hell for a good 10-15 minutes after the update as everything got optimized.

Just gotta update, log in, and walk away for an hour and do something else to avoid it I guess. :)


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Apr 25, 2011
Was having reeeally slow response time in Safari and was thinking I might have to nuke my MBP and start over (I installed over the beta and thought maybe something got screwed up in the process), but maybe I just need to let the computer settle down...

Has anyone tried internet restore straight to Yose with older Macs? My early '11 model previously only wanted to restore to Lion instead of Mavs, and I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to make it install Mavs from scratch. With OS updates being free these days it doesn't really make sense to force people to install crummy old versions when doing a full wipe.


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Oct 26, 2007
I let my MBP Retina mid 2012 sit overnight but it is still experiencing packet loss on my 5 GHz network. I can switch over to the 2.4 GHz network and experience NO loss. The only issue with remaining on the 2.4 GHz is I experience the screen flicker that has never been addressed by Apple.

This is infuriating. :mad: