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    Hi all..

    Just wondering Apple talks about the 5Gig of iClpid storage for photo, document sharing etc...., between devices..

    Does this 5Gig also include music ? For example songs that are not matched and has to be uploaded to iTunes Match, or not ?

    While you could store 25,0000 songs in iTunes (theoretically), you'll never get even close to this (either most would be matched, not not enough songs)

    Either-way, 5Gig doesn't even seem remotely possible that 25,000 songs could be stored in there.

    Unless, you had a very small um-matched collection. (about 100 songs at 128k) since by the way their not converted, which also brings up another point.

    Secondly question, would be why aren't unmatched songs converted to AAC ? Since matched songs are already in the store probably in the same format anyway, this would only a reason to either : (a Apple not needing a converter for unmatched songs, or (b apple just decides to convert Matched songs to 256k, if the originals not like that in store, and only use it for such.

    But why though ?

    Its not consistent,,, since you expect all songs, weather matched or otherwise, be converted to higher quality

    (as long they 96k or above)

    I don't mind uploaded songs to cloud, but i always thought Apple didn't like mp3.. (in fact, its the reason they choose to go with AAC, yet they keep mp3 "uploaded) in the cloud for Match ?)

    Doesn't make sense.
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    If it can't match a song, it means it can't match it. It doesn't magically find the song by listening to it, it uses the tags in the file. You can't upconvert quality either.

    And no, it doesn't count against your 5GB. ;)
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